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First Person Mario

I’ve always wondered what World 1-1 looked like from Mario’s perspective. I know now (though I’m not sure about the one-block-wide floor; I always assumed there was some depth there – but then why wouldn’t Mario just go round the Goombas? Ah, I’m arguing with myself about Mario Theory again.)

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Google Launch Tsunami Person Finder

Good on Google. In the aftermath of today’s massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan, Google have set up a simple ‘person finder’ to enable anyone looking for someone or with information about someone who is missing to concentrate their efforts online in seconds.

I also heard on BBC News this morning a man proclaiming that Facebook had “saved the world” as it had enabled him to be sure his loved ones were safe almost as soon as the tsunami happened – and Twitter is proving as invaluable a source of breaking news as ever. It’s great to know that these tools, while ostensibly invented mostly for fun, can be of such amazing use in such dark times.

Google Person Finder

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Snake Snake Snake Snake

Some mathematical ponderings on plastic snakes from a lady called Vi Hart. I continue to be overawed by people who see the beauty of mathematics in everything, or even consider trying to write binary messages in the coloured segments of snake bodies, like Vi does here. My brain just doesn’t work that way – so it’s a treat to watch someone whose does.