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The £99 iPad on Orange

It’s now possible, at,  to buy a brand-new iPad for £99 – providing you take on a 24 month 3G data contract at £25 per month (£27 if you’re not already an Orange customer).

Now, those in the know would say you’d be mad to take this offer today. Engadget and others are reporting that Apple’s announcement of the expected iPad 2 update could be taking place as soon as this time next week. The iPad 2 will likely feature front and rear cameras for the rather swish Facetime video calling, as well as being lighter, thinner and generally more desirable than the current model. Why would you commit to a two-year contract today when the first-gen iPad will be obsolete in less than a week?

Well, I suppose, because it won’t be obsolete – it just won’t be new. It will have (and presumably continue to accept) the latest software updates pushed from Apple and the majority of (non-camera based) apps in the App Store will still work on it. It won’t be as fast, as smooth or as light as the iPad 2, but, like those people who picked up cheap iPhone 3GS’s this time last year, it won’t have cost you nearly as much as Johnny Early Adopter paid for his.

The Motorola Xoom running Honeycomb

A 10-inch refresh of last year's promising Galaxy Tab











Having said all that, there’s plenty of reasons to hold fire in the tablet market right now. Android tablets are just starting to get really interesting with Google’s rather impressive tablet-tailored Honeycomb iteration on systems like the star-of-the-Superbowl  Motorola Xoom and with a new 10.1 inch version of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab in the offing too.

At £99 an out-of-date iPad is sorely tempting to someone like me – i.e. skint – but as with the special shelf of busted tins and squished eclairs at Sainsbury’s, I’m think I’m going to keep walking this time.